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Leatherwood Distillery is proud to sponsor JCM Racing for the 2024 season! We can think of no better pairing than handcrafted spirits and drag racing.


Located in the hills of Clarksville, TN, Leatherwood Distillery has grown from a homemade still and dream created during Andy Lang's deployment in the mountains of Afghanistan to a reputable distillery, built on integrity, craft, and passion.


After retiring from the Green Berets, Lang began crafting spirits in Clarksville, Tennessee. Together, with his partners Joe Maynard and Brian LaFord, Lang produces rums, ryes, bourbons, moonshines, and more.



Snake Eater Bourbon

Checkpoint Rye Whiskey

Broken Arrow Agave Spirit

Para Los Muertos Añejo


TN Straight Whiskey

Midnight Extraction Rum

Black Flash Rum

Beachaven Brandy


Georgia Peach


Apple Pie

Jalapeno Lemon

Gawha (Coffee Cream)

- Pumpkin Spice

- Peppermint Mocha

Vanilla Whip

Now, through Veterans Day, Leatherwood Distillery will be making a $.50 donation to A Soldier's Child Foundation for every bottle sold. In addition, Leatherwood Distillery will match that $.50 per bottle commitment with a donation to another veteran support/outreach organization. $1 per bottle sold now through November 11th will benefit military families and veterans. These are not just individuals we admire, we see them as part of our Leatherwood Distillery family. 


A Soldier’s Child’s mission is to serve the children of military personnel who have lost their lives on active duty, while defending the United States of America. ASC has three points of service for the children of our fallen: birthday celebrations, mentorships, and scholarships.

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Experience the thrill of national events during the 2024 season with exclusive Club discounts on Hospitality and Race tickets! Join the esteemed Leatherwood Racing Club and feel the excitement trackside as we support our favorite drivers like never before. Decked out in custom Leatherwood Racing swag, members enjoy special LRC offers, discounts, and products, all while fueling our mission to secure victory for the Leatherwood Distillery Top Fuel machine. Don't wait in the staging lanes – join us today and be part of the winning team!

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Want EXCLUSIVE merchandise like 8x Top Fuel World Champion Tony Schumacher and European Top Fuel Champion Ida Zetterström wear?

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