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The JCM Racing Driver Development program was created to offer young racers the opportunity to hone in and perfect their driving and sponsor relation skills as they work towards a career of competing in the NHRA’s professional ranks. While JCM Racing developmental drivers receive funding to help offset their operational costs, Joe Maynard believes that the true value of the program lies within the access the developmental drivers have to the JCM Racing team and its resources.


The JCM Racing driver development program was founded in 2023 as a way for the multi-car team to help young racers with aspirations of one day competing in the NHRA’s professional ranks. The program launched with three rising NHRA upstarts on its roster, lending support to Kayleigh Hill, who made her Super Comp debut on the Division 5 circuit last season, and Wyatt Wagner, who recently clinched his third Division 5 Super Stock title en route to becoming the category’s world champion. Waylon Bennett, who returns to the program as one of the seven newly inducted Jr. racers, rounded out the 2023 trio of nitro hopefuls. 


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Division 1

Career Highlights:

> 2016 New England Dragway Rookie of the Year (6-9 class)

> 2018 New England Dragway Track Champion (6-9 class)

> 2018 New England Dragway 6-9 Divisional Winner

> 2019 New England Dragway Rookie of the Year (10-18 class) 

> 2022 New England Dragway Points Runner-Up (10-18 class) 2023 Division 1 Jr. Dragster Shootout Qualifier

2023 New England Dragway Track Champion (10-18 class) Multi-time top five New England Dragway Jr Dragster points finisher multi-time New England Dragway points race winner


Division 2

Waylon spent quite a bit of time as a baby and toddler at the drag strip watching his grandfather, “Oppa” race his truck. His first time down the track was in a Lightening McQueen Power Wheels when he was 3 1/2 years old.  Waylon is now on the hunt for his second Division 2 championship, making the switch from his 11.90 Huddleston Pee Shooter motor to a much quicker 8.90 Huddleston Sniper.


  Category/Class:  Junior Dragster

>   Hometown: Peachtree City, Georgia

>   Birthdate: February 26, 2013

  Vehicle Make/Model: Mike Bos Reverse Wing

>   Career wins/runner-up finishes: 5x Wally Winner, 2 Championships and 13 wins, 21 Runner-up

>   First Start: 2010-5 Yrs. Old, Junior Dragster- Reynolds, Georgia


Career Highlights:

> Won his first Junior Dragster race

> 2020 3rd place in the Lucas Oil Series and the National Open for Division 2

> 2021 Runner-up in the Lucas Oil Series and the National Open for Division 2

> 2022 Lucas Oil Champion for Division 2 with a 3rd place finish for the National Open

> 2022 crowned the Mike Bos Fun Run Champion in Bristol for the 6-12 year-olds during the Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol, Tennessee



Division 3

Career Highlights:

2019 Won first race at Dragway 42. 11.90 class winner

> 2020 (1) Race Win, (2) Runner-Up, (1) Semi-final (rained out), Little Ladies Breast Cancer Charity Race participant

2021 Pro Winter Warm-Up Exhibition (PBIR), (1) Race Win, (3) Runner-Up, Finished 3rd overall in points

> 2022 (1) Race Win, Finished 3rd overall in points

2023 (1) Race Win, (1) Runner-Up


Division 4

Career Highlights:

> 2019 Fall Nationals Exhibition Race Participant

> Finished 3rd in points on the Texas Motorplex "Holeshots' team

> Won in the Jr. Modified class at points races

> Runner up in several classes at points races

> Competes in ADRL along with the NHRA JDRL

Katy Gunter FB JCM Website.jpg


Division 5

Career Highlights:

2023 LaSalle Day Parade Participant with Junior Program

> Annually showcase junior program at the American Steel Hot Rods & Race Cars Car Show

Plays baseball, basketball and football

> 3rd Generation Racer who acquired NHRA license at the youngest age within his family (age 5)


Division 6

Career Highlights:

> Big Bux Race Winner Nitro Park Prince George, BC.

> Local wins at Northern Lights Raceway

> Local wins at Rad Torque raceway

> 2023 Nitro 2nd place wally

> Numerous second place finishes (red lights or break outs)

Shadyn Dhansaw JCM Web.jpg
Jeff Garner JCM Web.jpg


Division 7

Career Highlights:

10 Event wins

> Sacramento & Sonoma Raceways 2 Wallys

4 Event Runner Ups

>  2023 Sacramento Raceway 13-17 Year Old Season Champion

2023 Division 7 Race of Champions Qualifier Las Vegas

2023 NHRA Division 7 Points Series 13-14 Year Old 8th Place 2023 NHRA JRDL Ambassador

Sonoma Nationals 2022 Sacramento Raceway 6-12 Year Old Season Champion

2022 Division 7 Race of Champions Qualifier Las Vegas

2022 NHRA Division 7 Points Series 10-12 Year Old 5th Place



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