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Meet Jr Dragster Driver Maleah Mosley

Division: Division 3

Home Track: Summit Motorsports Park and Dragway 42

Which Animal Do You Identify With?: Goat

Previous Race Accomplishments: 2019- Won first race at Dragway 42. 11.90 class winner.

2020- (1) Race Win, (2) Runner-Up, (1) Semi-final (rained out), Little Ladies Breast Cancer Charity Race participant.

2021- Pro Winter Warm-Up Exhibition (PBIR), (1) Race Win, (3) Runner-Up, Finished 3rd overall in points.

2022- (1) Race Win, Finished 3rd overall in points.

2023- (1) Race Win, (1) Runner-Up.

Future Racing Goals & Involvement In The Sport?: My future racing goals are to win more races every year, learn from my mistakes, and help and encourage younger girls who want to be race car drivers as well.

School & Community Involvement: Soccer, swimming, volunteer swim helper for younger children, band. Race Car Learning Exhibitions at multiple schools and communities in Ohio and Florida.


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