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Meet Jr Dragster Driver Shadyn Dhansaw

Division: Division 6

Home Track: Nitro Motorsports Park

Which Animal Do You Identify With?: Cat

Previous Race Accomplishments: Big Bux race winner

Local wins at Northern Lights Raceway

Local wins at Rad Torque Raceway

Local wins Nitro Motorsports Park

Numerous runner-up finishes (red lights or breakouts)

Future Racing Goals & Involvement In The Sport?: My long-term goal is to keep racing with my dad and eventually step into my own "big car".  Dad is currently entertaining the idea of stepping back into a management role at our local track.  If he does this, I plan to learn as much as possible from him so that one day I give back to grassroots drag racing.

School & Community Involvement: I am very dedicated to two sports in my life and have focused very hard to get my grades up as I enter high school (grade 11). My passions are Drag Racing and Volleyball. I have volunteered to teach and coach the Grade 8 Girls’ volleyball team at my school.  I am very excited to mentor and pass on the knowledge that I was gifted with from my current and past coaches.


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