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Meet Jr Dragster Driver Ty Jackson

Division: Division 5

Home Track: Bandimere Speedway

Which Animal Do You Identify With?: Horse

Previous Race Accomplishments: As a 3rd generation racer within my family, I was able to acquire my NHRA license at the youngest age within my family (age 5).

Future Racing Goals & Involvement In The Sport?: My goals include winning a track points championship either at Bandimere Speedway and/or Julesburg Drag Strip, winning a NHRA Western Conference Finals Championship, along with winning a JDRL Challenge Wally Race. Along with these goals, I want to learn how to become a humble yet competitive racer. I want to learn how to win gracefully and lose with a positive sportsmanship minded attitude. With this sport, I plan on making a lot of friends and relationships that will stay connected for many years. I would also like to learn how to gain hard working skills by learning the mechanics of a race engine and in general, what it takes to care for a race car. Learning the values of gratitude and appreciation are of high importance as well.

School & Community Involvement: School involvement includes participating in the Bandimere Speedway Race to Read program. My junior program has been showcased at the Platteville Elementary School for this specific program. This past summer, I was involved in the 2023 LaSalle Day Parade with my junior program. The parade theme was "Igniting the Future". I represented my junior program by stating "Igniting the Future One Cylinder At a Time." Also, on an annual basis, I showcase my junior program at the American Steel Hot Rods & Race Cars Car Show. On a non-race status, I am involved in various sports activities within our local community recreational program. I currently play baseball, basketball and football. I am also actively involved in our church community and various church activities at Kersey Cowboy Church.


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